About Gain Resilience

Gain Resilience is a mental health blog by a Nigerian blogger, Idopiseh Essien. It is dedicated to helping you to build the mental power to overcome depression.

This is not a medical blog, so please don’t expect to find medical prescriptions. If you need some, visit your doctor.

Here, you will find helpful tips on how to overcome mental health challenges and become more fearless in facing life. Here, I share my experiences about depression and how I get to walk over it every single day. 

About Idopiseh Essien

I’m Idopiseh Essien, but friends call me Idess (I kinda prefer that). If there is anything I have spent most of my life doing, it’s being depressed.

I read blogs about depression to help my case, but I bet that none could really relate it to the things around me in Nigeria. Also, most of them were medical articles by professionals, when I needed something that wont make me feel like I’m “sick”.

I needed more; a real but mild solution in blogs, not some medical terms I couldn’t understand or motivations that only drained more tears from my eyes. So now, I’m out, walking everyday towards creating that solution for all of us. I hope you don’t mind joining me.

Would you like to know about me?

I am from Akwa Ibom, a state in the Southern part of Nigeria.

I was critically bullied and discriminated in primary and secondary school. I had few illnesses too, and these pushed me so hard against the wall that I found depression, anxiety, and acute low self-esteem as companions.

They accompanied me for more than 15 years, and I struggled to find peace and even resilience to overcome the next card of misfortune life would throw at me.

I started searching the internet, but all I found were articles written by medical professionals or motivational speakers. Both were difficult to relate to. They made me fear that there was something seriously wrong with me; it made the pain worse.

However, I got to find a few blogs that I could relate to, but they were not still satisfying. Then I asked myself the big question: “is there nothing (aside from medications) that I can do to stay way ahead of mental inadequacy here in Nigeria?”

That inspired me to start ‘Gain Resilience’ and share my experiences and everything Ive learnt about depression. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten all the answers yet. I’m still searching, and I’m all out to share all I learn with you.

If you are looking for a person to partner with on your way out of depression, You can contact me now.

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